About Us

We vape. A lot. We drip. And use sub-ohm tanks. On box mods. We go through a lot of juice and we know how expensive it can get.

What started as a means to quit smoking some 5 years ago, turned into an exploration, a hobby, and then a vocation.

Along the way we began making our own juice in order to try new flavors and control the quality of what we were inhaling.

When we opened our San Jose shop in early 2014 we scaled up to full production. Over the last 18 months we created over 60 flavors and continued to improve on our recipes. Now we've scaled up again to offer our juice to more people.

1. we quit smoking

2. turned our hobby into a way of life

3. and continue to push and raise the standards of the industry.

Our Mission

lower cost

maintain highest quality

expand flavors

The vape industry has grown and morphed so quickly with new, more powerful hardware hitting the market almost daily. Meanwhile, hundreds of flavors of juice have come into being. Although flavor options are expanding, the prices and sizes of juice have stayed mostly expensive and small.

We want to change that. Our mission is to lower the cost of vaping while maintaining the highest standards of quality and ingredients.

What We Value

Quality. We eat our own dog food, which is to say we vape our own juice all day long. And we care about our health! After all, we set out to free ourselves from toxic cigarettes, right? All of our ingredients are made in the United States. We insist on chemical analyses for all of our VG, PG and nicotine to make sure they are pure. We have developed relationships with flavor manufacturers who understand vaping so that known-to-be-bad chemicals like diacetyl and acetyl propionyl stay out of our juice.

Consistency. No juice should change in flavor from one bottle to the next. All of our juice is made in a controlled laboratory environment with exacting precision. As a result, Slush Puppy always tastes like Slush Puppy and a 3mg juice always has 3mg of nicotine per ml.

Feedback. When we experiment with new flavors in the vape kitchen, we often find ourselves saying things like "I really don't like this, but it's a great flavor." What..? We are all blessed with different palates and nobody likes every flavor. The biggest factor in our success has been interacting directly with our customers. Making juice for our own shop has allowed us to do just that, and to constantly refine our craft. If you have a thought, an idea, or a criticism, we want to hear it.